Associate Prof.:Tomoji Mashimo, Ph. D.
e-mail : mashimo@***
Laboratory animal science
Genome editing,model animals, bio resource

 Research associate:Masaru Tajima
e-mail : tajima***
Laboratory animal science
A person in charge of animal institution

 Research associate:Yoshihiro Uno
e-mail : yuno***
Developmental biology, laboratory animal science
A person in charge of reproduction technology unit

 A technical assistant:Kanako Shimizu, M.Sc.
e-mail : shimizu@***
Laboratory animal science
SPF mice, IVF

 Specially appointed researcher: Takuji Yoshimura, Ph.D.
e-mail : yosimura@***
Developmental biology,genetic engineering,molecular biology
Genome editing(mice)

 Specially appointed researcher:Yoshiki Miyasaka, M.Sc.
e-mail : miyasaka@***
Molecular biology,genetic engineering,laboratory animal science
Genome editing(rats)

 Specially appointed technical staff:Yayoi Kunihiro
e-mail : kunihiro@***
Molecular biology, genetic engineering
Genome editing(mice,rats,...)


If you are interested in our research,please feel free to contact us.
We will blaze a trail in the field of genome editing and laboratory animal science research with you.